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“I don’t know how I want to look but I know it isn’t like this”

Does this sound familiar?

Our outer style is a reflection of what is going on inside – when we feel unhappy our style reflects this.

We feel demotivated and unexcited by what we have hanging in our wardrobes but can’t face shopping for anything new – we just wouldn’t know where to start, what to look for or where to go.

We feel more comfortable blending in, following the crowd or resorting to other people’s expectations of how we should look and act.

We are constantly comparing ourselves to others, feeling less than, like they always seem to get it right and it saps our confidence.

It can feel like we have lost ourselves, who we once were. We avoid looking at ourselves, photos or reflections of any kind.

We hold back, play safe and small.

What has happened to the real you?

On the outside, you are successful and together and no one would ever guess how you feel.

But only you know how stuck, lost or dissatisfied you are feeling inside.

You are not being authentic or in alignment and it is most likely starting to show up in other areas of your life. You have that feeling of being slightly out of control, like there must be more to life than this.

I get it.

I am KatherineB and I help women who are feeling uninspired, stuck and like something just isn’t working, to build a brand new confidence, life and style.

You may have tried traditional Image coaching methods in the past but nothing seemed to stick or get to the heart of it.

I use a unique blend of intuitive coaching along with the latest thinking in professional styling techniques, to help you rediscover your true self, be authentically you, feel great inside and out and get past your own blocks to success.

Together we’ll create a whole new way of being. BEYOND FASHION


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